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If you are here, you are well in tuned with the future direction of education, so you have heard, “65% of jobs for the next generation don’t exist yet.” That’s what the World Economic Forum predicts about the 21st Century and the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution.


It’s probably true. And that’s why entrepreneurship education is ever more important for tomorrow’s leaders and innovators.  


Entrepreneurship is the meeting ground for all academic subjects. It’s where the humanities (i.e., writing, communication, rhetoric, etc.) meet the sciences (i.e., coding, technology, engineering, etc.) in pitch decks and 50 page business plans or blue prints; where theory and research meets real world practice; and where one person’s crazy or creative idea becomes reality via collaborative team work. 

Yet entrepreneurship education is not purely an academic exercise. Vogue terms like “failing fast” or “growth mindset” or “grit” are often revolving around entrepreneurs because so much of success in launching a new venture requires immense social emotional strength, super human determination, and childlike curiosity and teachability. These human skills too can best be fostered and taught through entrepreneurship. 


Entrepreneurship is probably where all 65% of jobs that don’t yet exist will begin. Thus, students on their way to becoming future leaders and innovators come to The School On The Way to immerse themselves in the world’s best of the best entrepreneurship environment, resources, and experience. Future presidents, billionaires, and philanthropists gather in our selective University Summer Program and AP Semester Exchange Program to receive the world’s finest entrepreneurship education. 


We invite you to apply to The School On The Way and let us coach you in your first steps to your entrepreneur’s journey from high school to college and world impact.

All best regards,

Julie Song

Head of School | The School On The Way

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