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Entrepreneurship at Top Universities

Pre-college programs are college preparatory programs . Only a handful of college applicants ever successfully start a company and even fewer get the chance to pitch to real Silicon Valley investors. 

The top universities recognize the immense value of entrepreneurship experience. The following universities and colleges highly value entrepreneurial leadership:

Top Univesities

Come join us for a summer, a semester or a year! Take your passion from idea to execution, from research to growth, and from lab to global impact. Your accomplishments will be rewarded with a certificate of completion and/or high school diploma, which will impress admissions officers at top universities or convince your partners and investors to join forces with you in making a difference in the world.


Eat, drink and sleep at a prestigious Silicon Valley university campus and intermingle with founders from all over the world in this highly selective and rigorous semester program



Fully accredited, US diploma-granting private homeschool designed and optimized for young founders, who desire academic excellence as well as the freedom to work on their passion project

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