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Bio Engineering AI & Medicine (BEAM) 

Grades 9-12

Students choose from a list of BEAM research topics and join the corresponding university faculty's research team. Research outcomes include science presentation, UC certificate, and science publication.

Social Civic & Fortune 500

Grades 7-12

Through advanced courses in social, civic, and Fortune 500 leadership, students learn what it means to be entrepreneurial within a large organizational setting . In addition to taking University level classes, students will learn to take initiative and lead by shadowing some of the best minds and leaders from the professional sector (e.g., Walt Disney Company). Outcomes include externships, UC certificate, and mentorship.

Review Social Civic & Fortune 500 Program & Catalog Information
fortune 500 leadership

Grades 9-12

Learn to think and lead like a Fortune 500 company leader. Shadow business leaders and take classes at the business school. Outcomes include externships, UC certificate, and personal branding portfolio.

pathway to mba

Grades 9-12

Take classes at the business school, build a portfolio of MBA skills, and develop your interview skills. Outcomes include externships, UC certificate, and Pathway to MBA Fellowship.

Review Pathway to MBA Program & Catalog Information

Grades 9-12

Learn to build a startup and take advantage of the resources and mentorship at UCI ANTrepreneur Center. Outcomes include externships, UC certificate, and launching your own company.

Review UC Innovation Program & Catalog Information
gatsvi summer

Grades 9-12

Take classes at Stanford University and UC Berkeley; launch a real business; and pitch your company before real investors. Outcomes include Silicon Valley experience, Stanford Certificate of Completion, and launching + pitching your company in Silicon Valley.

Civic Leadership
Fortune 500
Pathway to MBA
UC Innovation
Zero to Launch
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