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What is a micro-school?

A mix between private school and home school, micro schools are popular options for parents who seek high quality education in a high touch (i.e., personalized) and high tech environment. Micro schools are often characterized by smaller class sizes with mix age groups because studies have shown the immense social emotional benefits of such learning environments. 

What are Silicon Valley skills?

Silicon Valley skills can be summed up as the abilities necessary for success as an entrepreneur (in whichever industry he/she is a part of). These abilities frequently include orientation towards innovation and disruption, ability to adapt quickly, network broadly and deeply, communicate well both in written and spoken forms, think critically and creatively, and collaborate well with others. 

Can my kid partake during the school year or only during the summer?

The School On The Way runs the world’s finest summer programs. However, we also offer a one of a kind semester (100 days) long Silicon Valley exchange program for students wishing to partake during the regular school year. Our semester exchange program (a.k.a. AP Semester) is designed for college prep and academic excellence, while launching and developing a business full-time. It’s for talented students who want to “have their cake and eat it too”. 

Are there programs my kids can do throughout the year?

Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not offer year-round-programs. We only offer summer programs and semester exchange programs. 

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