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AP semester

Join a highly gifted group of aspiring young entrepreneurs from around the globe for 100 intensive days. You'll work in teams and adopt Silicon Valley's innovative state of mind to build real products and solve business challenges while keeping up with your high school classes.



Silicon Valley Mind™ is a framework and approach that empowers students to startup companies, set goals, and meaningfully assess their personal + team achievements.



Our blended learning program combines online learning with offline teaching and coaching to match the pace and level of each student's academic progress and needs.



Our Vision curriculum helps students navigate various opportunities, find their unique calling, and chart their Hero's Journey to college, future career, and rewarding life.

Program Description

AP stands for Advancement Period. This is a residential 100-day exchange program designed for smart high school students who wish to spend a semester of their high school careers launching a real business without skipping a beat in their normal school work.

Silicon Valley AP Semester is optimized for talented student-entrepreneurs who wish to continue doing their best in school while launching (or building) a startup business. The program includes access to fully accredited high school courses, workshops at Stanford University, insider access to Silicon Valley companies, 1:1 mentorship with Silicon Valley experts + entrepreneurs, and (the crowning highlight of the entire program) the opportunity to work in teams to startup a real company and pitch before actual investors.

why silicon valley mind?

Silicon Valley Mind™ is a framework designed to teach and measure 21st century skills:


creativity & imagination

critical thinking & problem solving

communication & persuasion

Silicon Valley Mind™ prepares students for the future:

inventing a job

creating opportunities

embracing life-long learning

receiving help

& paying it forward

prE-COLLEGE programs

Come join us for either a summer or an AP Semester (100 days) to go from idea to execution, from research to growth, and from lab to global impact. Your accomplishments will be rewarded with certificates of completion, which will impress admissions officers at top universities or convince your partners and investors to join forces with you in making a difference in the world.

Our Silicon Valley Mind is a framework designed to teach and measure 21st century skills:

  • Collaboration and teamwork

  • Creativity and imagination

  • Critical thinking and problem solving

  • Communication and persuasion


Entrepreneurship is education for the future: ​

  • Inventing a job

  • Creating opportunities 

  • Embracing life-long learning

  • Receiving help (from mentors) and paying it forward

Prep for the Future

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